Registration, Passwords and Finding Stuff

There are two ways to register so you can post comments.

1) Click on this link (but read the following steps first!):

  • You will see a page with the “WordPress” logo. Click on the underlined word “Register”.
  • That takes you to a screen where you register for this site with your email address (to keep out spambots).
  • In the meantime, please read the site’s Posting Guidelines. They are common sense for most, but even The Cardinal Nation has a few exceptions to the norm.
  • When you are ready to comment, log in using the userid and password you selected.
  • Once I approve your first comment, you are then free to enter others as often as you want.

That’s all there is to it!

2) At the very bottom of the page of each of my posts, past all the other readers’ comments, there is a line that says, “You must be LOGGED IN to post a comment.”

  • Click on the words “LOGGED IN”.
  • The rest of the steps are the same as above.

Sorry if this seems a bit unwieldy, but it is pretty fast. Keeping spam out is of major importance.

Changing passwords

Once registered, most folks can figure out how to re-set their password, but changing it to something recognizable is not nearly as obvious.

The system-generated passwords from WordPress are secure, but impossible to remember. If you want to change your password to something more friendly, here is how to do it.

When you log in, you are taken to a WordPress dashboard screen before going back to the TCN site. Near the upper right of the dashboard, there is a (small) word that says “Profile”. Click on that and the next screen allows you to change your password to one of your choice.

A quicker alternative method is to go directly to this page, where you can change your password. (You must log in first with your current password.)

If you have password problems that cannot be fixed, please contact me at brian (at) and I will assist.


People have asked about how to get a customized image with their comments on this board such as my “TCN” one. The good news is that you can set this up once and it is re-used on any website on the internet that is similarly enabled.

The feature is called “gravatars” or globally recognized avatars. It is an image that follows you from blog to blog appearing beside your name when you comment.

All it takes is your email address and you can upload a free gravatar of your choosing. From there it is automatic. Go here to set up your account:

There are at least five ways to search for posts:

1) At the lower left, use the “Search Archives” link to view a list of recent posts by title as well as the ability to review archived posts by month or year.

2) Go through the chronological “Archives” listed at the center bottom of this page by month. For example, here is the link to the December, 2008 page. (Remember, you have to click on the post’s title to see it and all related reader comments.)

This approach is best when you haven’t been on the site for awhile and want to catch up on everything that has already fallen off the most recent group of posts on the front page.

3) Use the dropdown fields at the top of the page, entitled “Events & Info”, “Lists”, “Players/Staff”, “Reports” and “Teams/Transactions”. There are submenus for each with more details, such as “Players/Coaches of the Year” and “Top Prospects” under the “Lists” category.

This approach is good for a quick search on a specific subject.

4) Click on any highlighted name or subject which is capitalized and underlined at the top of any post following the word “CATEGORIES:”. That will take you to all posts about that particular name or subject.

This approach is good when the name or subject is right there on the page already.

5) The fastest and easiest way to find anything, especially information on specific players, is to simply enter their name in the dark blue search box at the upper-most right hand area of every page, and hit the “Submit” button. Simply type in “Albert Pujols”, for example, with or without quotes, and you will get back a list of all posts that mention the player anywhere in the post, listed in chronological order.

This approach is both quick and dirty, as it can often return a long list of posts, many of which only are vaguely related to the player. In this case, quickly scan the list for one that has Pujols’ name in caps and underlined following the word “CATEGORIES:” and follow the previous option #4 above. That will narrow down the search to the relevant Pujols items.

Best of luck in your searching!

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