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More information on “Registration, Passwords and Finding Stuff”.

When you do post, do not copy entire articles from other sites. A small excerpt is ok when either a link or proper attribution is provided with it. Quote properly and give credit where credit is due and you will be fine.


…disagree with the comment, not the commenter. Should you personally attack a fellow member, your comment may be removed and your commenting privileges could be revoked without further warning. Same with swearing, racial slurs, violent threats, accusations of illegal activity such as steroids and hateful remarks directed toward anyone. Also taboo are userids that are offensive or assume the names of others as well as spam links directing members elsewhere.

Altering the spelling of inappropriate words, such as adding symbols and random letters to disguise the remark, will not keep the comment from being removed. If a member continues to behave in an improper manner, he or she will have their commenting privileges revoked permanently.

Stay clear of potentially explosive topics such as politics and religion, unless your religion is Cardinals baseball, that is!

I could go on, but hopefully you get the idea by now. Let’s just not go there, please…

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Brian Walton

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