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    Matt Pearce to Memphis from Springfield.

    ArReyes (rehab) back soon
    and Gallen a call away at Springfield.

    Seems like there might be something in the wind.

    Memphis is 14-2 in last 16 games. The pitching has been superior and Memphis is the class of the Pacific Coast League. Our AAA team hasn’t been so good since the Louisville Cards. It’s not outlandish to say that three or four of those arms could be pitching in the majors.
    This may be a good time to switch ArReyes over to the bullpen. He’s a good AAA pitcher but when he was on the DL a few guys whizzed right by him. There’s little chance of him ever seeing St Louis except some very good innings in the Redbird pen.

    Hudson has been the steadiest of the starters at Springfield.

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    I find it surprising that not more is said of the success of DeJong.

    Another thing…. If someone told you last season that the STL of would consist of Fowler, Pham, Sierra and Martinez, you would of called him a loony.

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    MLB’s list is dated… they haven’t been able to catch-up with Gallen’s progress. That list has…. I counted 5 or 6 that presently don’t belong there anymore. And there’s probably 9 or 10 that do belong.

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    Card25…. I agree with most of what you’ve said but I think the Cards have had their share of prospects becoming better than their projections. Lynn, the early years of Wacha, Martinez even Molina are some examples . I am very high on DeJong…. more than most. I’ll admit that I overrate some prospects just because I’m a Cards fan, but I try to stay realistic. I think that the organizations feels that if you stockpile a lot of solid arms chances are that a few will become MLBers… and really that’s all you need.

    Right now I’m very impressed with the rotations at the full-season teams. I just went through the yearly draft picks to see who actually made the big-league team and who has progressed quickly through the farm system. It’s interesting…. we got some goodin’s coming up. There’s some star power there.

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    Gomber had the organization’s best pitched game last night. He must have been snooping around these comments, and didn’t want to drop down to #30.
    ps.I’ve been quite busy the last few days… I have BW’s new list and will make some comments probably Monday.
    pps. Meracdo has shown up again on MLB’s top-30. He had fallen out of it for some time.

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    Cards ’19 OF = Bader-Arozarena-Sierra-Mercado-JAGarcia & bccran.

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    This is bad news to me. I’m a big Grichuk fan and hope he gets back soon with a more focused approach at the plate. It could happen. As far as Martinez being the one sent up as apposed to JAGarcia or Bader says something about going forward. He’s the fourth outfielder at Memphis.

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    Thej…. one of your best comments. The Cards have some problems going forward. A lot of the anxiety is being caused by us STILL being in this thing. My way of looking at this is that we should be looking at someone for the next 3 or 4 years but someone good enough to step in now.
    Giving up a bunch potential stars for someone that could help us for this season doesn’t make sense. With a less than 50% chance of winning this division and most of the starters having “off” years is a recipe for “wait til next year”. That was something some were thinking about right after the Cubs won the WS. They’ve fallen back to the pack because their players are having off years also. I’d rather have a decent farm system going into ’18 than to lose playing into October this season AND having a weakened system going forward. Long term contracts still frighten me.

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    Chris Ellis is in line for his regular start…. is there a reason why he is in doubt?

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    On that Delvin Perez demotion. He’s gotten tons of bad ink over the whole situation. Most have the same bottom line for him…. you better do a 180* and start using some of the wonderful potential that you have. A great career awaits you, straighten out your priorities.

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    I like the aggressive move the organization made sending Hicks up to Palm Beach. Jordan has been successful for most of his 20 years (21 in Sept). Less aggressive and more necessary was getting Anthony Shew up to Peoria to take Hicks’ spot. Shew will be 24 in Nov. and needs to make a climb sooner than later.

    I watched most of the AAA All Star game last nite (ps. I couldn’t care less about the MLB ASG). I just wanted to see some of the top rookies with my own eyes. Carson Kelly squeezed through a single to RF and Sherriff pitched 1/3 of an inning…. two highlites.

    I’d like to see Wilberto Rivera (8th rd.) (GCL) and Evan Guillory (23th rd.) (JC) get a shot to start. Both are 6′-3″ and fit the role.

    Super night for 5′-10″ Peoria ss Kramer Robertson (4th rd.). I hope we’ll see more of this from the leadoff hitter.

    One reason Memphis has been so successful in ’17 is the back end of their bullpen. Josh Lucas, Mark Montgomery and Ryan Sherriff have all been putting up terrific #s. Of course, the rotation ain’t too shabby either.

    This is the best AAA team we’ve had in a long time. There are many Redbirds ready for MLB now or being very close to ready…. solid prospects with top-notch credentials IMO.
    DeJong was fortunate to get a chance to prove himself due to several circumstances. The most important one being the sophomore jinx that has bitten Aledmys Diaz. I love Diaz but I had my concerns about him repeating his ’16 break-out. I think that advanced scouting caught up with him. He’ll be back…. but maybe not this season. DeJong’s ’17 breakout might make that extremely difficult and AD continues to struggle at AAA. His absence is a good-sized reason the Cards are where they are.

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    Thanks BW for the kick back. I guess the factors you mentioned and the MLBer’s rehab trumps everything else.

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    There is definitely a power shortage in this organization with very little hope of any of our prospects being that big bat. The FO was counting on Adams, Piscotty, Grichuk, Peralta, Fowler and Carpenter to provide x amount of HRs this season…. you know how that plan is working out. Time for plan B…. find a power bat. Mo, ya got no other choice.

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    WTH….. Kelly, Weaver and Sherriff have to play in the PCL AS game tonite in Tacoma. The Redbirds have a night game at home vs. Round Rock on Thursday. That’s some turnaround and I’ll bet none of them play in that one. Tacoma>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Memphis.

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    The longer-term contracts are a necessary evil in baseball. There should be a combination of both long and short term control. Control = very important to F.O.s. Most premier players will demand the multi-year deals. They have to put food on the table too.

    There’s a pretty good article that may interest some:

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    I had today as an off day for the GCL-Cards.

    Hudson’s last poorly pitched game was on April 21st. A 4.0+inn outing in a loss 5-3 at Arkansas. GS=25

    Woodford’s last poorly pitched game was on May 27th. A 4.2inn start in a 7-4 loss to Florida (FSL). GS=31

    Ramirez needs a strong showing after two disasters for Johnson City.

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    On this topic, I’m curious if certain rehabbers are sent to certain minor league teams to fill a void? And how about them avoiding certain minor league teams because they don’t particularly need a player at the position of the rehabber, thus taking playing time away from prospects that need it? I was told that the rehabber has a certain say on where he goes. This whole rehab assignment issue is still puzzles me.

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    I’m not a fan of locking up players into their older years. Those contracts seem to not turn out as expected. Molina’s contract included… I think that he would’ve enjoyed playing with a different team. His tenure with the Puerto Rican team is a good example and even playing with different teammates in the AS Game seems to invigorate him.
    I’ve always have been a fan of the home-grown guys because I follow them through the system for a number of years. That’s me, I know others feel differently and have less loyalty for our farmhands.

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    It’s good to see that CF Jonathan Machado#29 is back on the field with GCL-Cards. He was 2-4 last night in his first game there.
    Springfield will be getting OF Oscar Mercado back from the DL on Friday. He’ll be joining Arozarena#16 and Sierra#9 to create a very formidable OF there. With Mercado coming back to get the position player roster up to 12, a decision needs to be made to pare down the pitching roster from 14 to 13.
    The organization has been active with player movements the last few days.

    In hindsight, it was significant that DeJong#13 was moved to SS when he did. That position has taken a hit throughout the system. Diaz lost the touch the made him an AS selection last season. Memphis now has Diaz and Mejia. Springfield lost ss Sosa#12 on May31st and again on June 16th after a one game return. Tommy Edman has been filling in and now catching up to AA pitching (he was at short-season State College just last year). Many people feel that Edman’s future might be at 2ND base. Hopefully Sosa’s injury won’t disrupt his progress, but who knows that outcome. Replacing Edman at Palm Beach is Jose Martinez, a call-up from Peoria . He’s the player we got from KC in the Tony Pena trade. Pena’s bat has yet to come alive but he handles SS well enough.

    It could be said that the aggressive placement of the 4th round draft pick this season , SS Kramer
    Robertson to Peoria, was due in part to the need for a SS there. The Cards had to get SS Imeldo Diaz 19, (along with Stanley Espinal from BOS for future considerations), to play short at State College.
    Johnson City has temporarily lost their SS as DPerez#4 has done an about-face back the GCL Cards.

    Until recently, the organization had a nice set of shortstop prospects coming through the system (Sosa, Merchado, Herrera, Diaz). Now it doesn’t seem that that is the case. I have good feelings about DeJong and with any luck he could be with us for several years.

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    Kyle Reis did a mid-season top 30 in three parts on The Redbird Daily. Some gutsy moves.

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    Delvin Perez going back to GCL? Was it his temper tantrum or his poor showing so far? Maybe a combination of both.

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    It least we have the Spikes and the Early-Risers going today.
    It’s not a total dark day. Tomorrow we get 6. State College is up in Albany, NY this week and Brooklyn, NY over this weekend…. I’d love to catch at least one of their games.

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    The experts are making me think that we’ll be having another month of the hot stove league this autumn. It may be time to circle the wagons and look at ’18 with more optimism. We certainly need that masher in the middle of the lineup. But let’s face it…. it won’t be a top-tier player. Someone just below that and costing less sounds right.

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    There have been some major prospect gainers whose stock has gone up so far.
    #2 Weaver
    #3 Kelly
    #5 Bader
    #7 Flaherty
    #8 Hudson
    #9 Sierra
    #13 DeJong
    #14 Woodford
    #16 Arozarena
    #23 Helsley
    #25 Gallen
    #32 MGonzales
    #37 DGonzales
    #40 Mayers

    non Top-50
    Mercado (DL)

    DL problems
    #1 AlReyes
    #15 Alvarez
    #12 Sosa
    #38 Wick

    Some top 50 concerns – Stock may be waning.
    #4 Perez
    #20 Denton
    #21 Williams
    #22 Plummer
    28 JeMartinez
    #33 Kilichowski

    Other non Top 50 concerns

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    At Memphis:
    With the addition of Weaver, the Redbirds still have only 11 Ps on their current roster. Because the Cardinals are anticipating Siegrist’s return followed by Duke’s return their present roster has 12 Ps which would leave them with 14 and decisions to made. Brebbia and/or Tuivailala could find themselves back at AAA, which would then balance out MEM’s roster. (Of course, the Cardinals will ALWAYS be the priority)Memphis has one of the soundest rotations in MiLB. Weaver#2-Flaherty#7-MGonzales#32-Gant#19-Mayers#40. Arturo Reyes is near ready to return from the DL and that will bring up another decision to make. They just sent Gallen, Bray and Wick down to Springfield.

    Springfield now has 15 Ps on their roster, even with the release of McKnight who simply aged out being 26. Chris Ellis#34 might be the odd man out now that their rotation should be Gallen#25-Hudson#8-Alcantara#6-Gomber#10-Pearce#43…. another formidable group.

    Palm Beach has their 13 pitchers that they normally go with and Helsley#23-Fernandez#11-Jones#18-Woodford# form the current rotation (DGonzalez very recently has been put on the DL). They can go with 5 by adding Vance or Leitao OR by getting a starter from Peoria.

    Peoria presently has a 6-man rotation Hicks-JPerez-O’Reilly-Oxnevad-Kruczynski-Sexton. Sending a starter to PB wouldn’t be a problem because both Castano and Shew may be ready to advance upward.

    There are thousands of possibilities to maneuver these rosters but today they are what they are. July 10th brought so many player movements which is normal for the AS break but they are also made in preparation for the MLB trade deadline. The organization may gain a player and/or two and lose a couple. It really depends on who and what the other teams are looking for. There is a lot of pitching talent throughout the affiliates.

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