Cardinals players on Twitter – January 2012 update

It has been six months since my last update of St. Louis Cardinals major and minor league players with a presence on Twitter. In other words, in Twitter time, about half a generation has transpired in the interim.

As you might imagine, the list has grown substantially, to the point it currently numbers 55 players. At least these are the ones of which I am aware. (Feel free to check back, as I am sure to be reminded of several that I inadvertently forgot and informed of others.)

A number of the players are anxious to gain more followers, so if you are interested, their names and ids follow. Several others are just the opposite, protecting their tweets, so don’t be offended if they don’t respond to your follow request. Some are far less active tweeting than others, so you’ll have to decide what is best for you.

I can’t guarantee your baseball IQ will increase substantially as a result, as this group is like any other cross section of individuals on Twitter. Some content is interesting, some is typical banter between friends and certain tweets are frankly a bit off the wall.

Yet, within the last two days, the excitement of players such as Tyrell Jenkins, Joe Kelly and Nick Greenwood radiated through their tweets as they announced receiving invitations to major league spring training camp and accepted congratulations from others.

The players are organized below by the level at which they ended the 2011 regular season. The active links for many of the names will take you to their stats pages at

Twitter id Player
St. Louis carlosbeltran15 Carlos Beltran

DanielDescalso Daniel Descalso

dfreese23 David Freese

ESanchez52 Eduardo Sanchez

jonjayU Jon Jay

kingchambers_8 Adron Chambers

Komobeatz Erik Komatsu

mattholliday7 Matt Holliday

Yadier Molina Beware: Accounts bearing his name are fakes –

same with Rafael Furcal
Memphis AdamOttavino Adam Ottavino

Springfield cswag8 Chris Swauger

JermaineCurtis Jermaine Curtis

Joe_Kelly22 Joe Kelly

JordanSwagerty Jordan Swagerty

Ngreeny23 Nick Greenwood

ShelbyMiller19 Shelby Miller

Palm Beach 4Butler4 Keith Butler

AlanAhmady Alan Ahmady

jesseLsimpson Jesse Simpson

MCReid42 Chase Reid

neek_vas7 Niko Vasquez

Tyler_Lyons Tyler Lyons

Xavier_Scruggs Xavier Scruggs Follow his winter ball reports from Colombia

Quad Cities codystanley21 Cody Stanley

dannybibona Daniel Bibona

DrewBenes Drew Benes

jkeener7 Jonathan Keener

JoeyBergman Joey Bergman

jrodri29 Jonathan Rodriguez

Kleinburger27 Geoff Klein

Maness_43 Seth Maness

PackyElkins Packy Elkins

vicsanchez88 Victor Sanchez

Batavia CaseYRasmuS Casey Rasmus

DannyMiranda40 Danny Miranda

Gwittels10 Garrett Wittels

NickMartini26 Nick Martini

philipthebases Phil Cerreto

PlayPatt_22 Jeremy Patton

Johnson City Chriscos21 Chris Costantino

dansubmarino101 Heath Wyatt

DWashington52 David Washington

Haldy25 Kyle Hald

Jeff_Nadeau19 Jeff Nadeau

JoshLucas15 Josh Lucas

LBillbrough21 Logan Billbrough

s_ramos9 Steven Ramos

SimplySouthern3 Neal Pritchard

Tilson4 Charlie Tilson

tmart206 Trevor Martin

tmilly20 Tyler Mills

trahmatulla Tyler Rahmatulla

TyrellJenkins14 Tyrell Jenkins

Gulf Coast League cbrand17 Cole Brand

DanteBryant92 Anthony Bryant

Iam_BigDodd Corderious Dodd

stuivailala Sam Tuiavailala

On military duty Cardinals15 Mitchell Harris

Remember the roster matrix: Exclusively here at The Cardinal Nation Blog, you can view every player in the entire Cardinals system by level and position, kept current all year long. Click here or you can always access current as well as past matrices from the “Players/Staff” > “Depth Charts/Roster Matrix” dropdown on the menu bar at the top of this page.

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