Paying members – Getting started on the new site

Welcome to the new The Cardinal Nation (TCN). The following information is intended to help paying members get started here on the new site.


Your userid will be emailed to you on July 1. This will give you access to both member-only articles and the member-only forum.

  • If you had a userid on the prior The Cardinal Nation Blog, that userid and password are still valid here at TCN.
  • If you had a userid on the Scout system and I knew it, I carried it over for you.
  • Otherwise, I used the part of your email address ahead of the @ sign as your userid.

(Note: Your userid cannot be changed.)

In the latter two cases, you will need to set your password here at the new TCN. At the upper right, click on ACCOUNT > LOGIN. Enter your “USERNAME or EMAIL” in that field and click on the words “Lost Password” at the bottom right.

You will receive a return email with a link back to the site, where you can either accept the system-generated password or enter one of your own choosing. Then log in to read subscriber articles and access the members-only forum.

P.S. Your password is NOT required to be 12 characters, despite what the message suggests.

Note that userids/passwords are not required to read free articles and the open message board. However, one must register for a free userid to post comments on the message board.

If you are a current paying member of The Cardinal Nation on and you did not receive an email with your membership information for the new The Cardinal Nation by end of day on July 1, contact us immediately.


As a valued member of The Cardinal Nation, your paid membership created with Scout will be honored for its full duration remaining here at the new TCN as well. For subscribers who would have been billed in July, the initial billing here will be deferred until August. At that time, if you want to continue with the new TCN, you will be prompted to enter your secure payment information. Others will be contacted later, prior to your subscription’s expiration date.

You can see your expiration date via your account. At the upper right, click on ACCOUNT > LOGIN to sign in. Then, in that same area, click on “WELCOME, (yourname)” > MY ACCOUNT.  You can view your current subscription plan and its expiration date.

Once payment information has been provided here at the new TCN, your membership will be renewed prior to its expiration date to ensure you have uninterrupted access. If you want to cancel any time prior to your renewal date, you can do that easily from MY ACCOUNT, as well.

However, remember that I CANNOT change your Scout subscription. You would have to contact them to do that. The Membership Center can be reached at 1-888-501-5752 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. CDT, Monday through Friday.

For more

There are questions and answers threads posted on both message boards with additional information to help with the transition. Feel free to post there or contact us directly for assistance.