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    Are there any players that are available that would make a difference to our Cardinals. All I can think of is Stanton and Verlander. And given new Marlins ownership, a Stanton trade would be extremely unlikely. And Verlander we do not need, unless they would take Leake, along with others, for him. Again really unlikely. I was disappointed Jay Bruce wouldn’t have been considered, given his prospect price, an A lefty reliever.

    And speaking of relief, we still need some. Lately the offense has carried us, the starting pitching has been solid, the bullpen has been better, but still worries me. Oh I would have dealt at the deadline. Bowman has been overused, and Siegrist isn’t the same as he used to be due to injury and diminished velocity, which all stems back to overuse on his part also, and he is on the DL any way.

    I wish there a very good reliever available, but the available well looks pretty dry now.




    Take Cecil and Bowman off that list and add Montgomery and you might be set.


    Brian Walton

    Dozens of players clear waivers each August, surely including many relievers. Most of them we do not hear about, including the players the Cardinals put on waivers themselves. I have no reason to think the Cards will go hard after any relievers now, when they did not last month. My guess is what you see is what you get in terms of the roster. But maybe they will surprise me.



    In their mind, probably no reason to make a move as long as they keep winning. Except perhaps to see if they can pawn off Cecil on somebody.


    I think Bowman is okay to keep, although he has been used a lot and we may see diminished performances from him down the stretch. Cecil is the real drag on the pen, plus the fact that Oh gets tatooed by left-hand hitters.

    I think this group can get it done, but adding Montgomery in place of Cecil would be a decent switch.

    Right now the Cardinals are probably kicking themselves for signing Cecil and Piscotty. But those signings might look a lot better a year from now, or even a month from now. You just never know.


    Brian Walton

    Girsch on MLB Network Radio yesterday:

    “Realistically, making meaningful upgrades in August is a challenge.”



    Cecil won’t go anywhere.He has had some rough spots but overall he’s been decent.The only Lefty bullpen guy who has been good most of the year is Lyons and he has had a few screw-ups.Matheny tends to leave guys in a batter or two too long.since he is carrying 13 pitchers that is Matheny’s mistake on when to pull a guy.



    I was kind of interested in Jim Johnson but after seeing him today I’m not so interested.

    Drew Storen might be easily had from the Reds.



    Yeah it would’ve been hard to get a guy that can man a spot in the 8th in August.

    I get that getting something of meaning is tough but it can be done.

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