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    The only one worthy of blah blah blah is you with your loooong-winded posts.
    Stanton has said he does not want to live in the midwest.



    Much rather have Hosmer than Belt. We don’t want to hear about the money anymore. 44000 on a Wed night.



    Stanton does have a no trade clause…so it is true that he can stop a trade to wherever… however i have yet to find any citing where Stanton himself said he didnt want to live in the midwest and wouldnt accept a trade to the Cardinals…

    it comes from an Sirius XM radio guy Craig Mish saying he has a source that tells him that Stanton doesnt want to live in the midwest

    it also says that it isnt anythign against StL but the midwest as a whole…

    an unnamed source…reported via tweet….not the player or his agent…

    it might be true…but it also might just be BS

    it shoudlnt stop us from trying

    ALSO… my “blah blah blah” is not something new for me to post at the end of my long messages… which is WHY i typed it…i know i write long posts…and i dont care…but i recognize it… so if you think your little “dig” at me for writing “blah blah blah” was smart or anything…it is pretty ridiculous… I could care less about whether you like my long winded posts or not…i know they are long and i recognize that…which is WHY i said “blah blha blah”…

    also…why do my long posts bother you anyways? skip them…i am already self deprecating even within them…you thinking you need to ADD to that is just ridiculous…. ugh

    i also prefer Hosmer to Belt

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    you “couldn’t care less”



    Great observation. I’m surprised you didn’t correct my capitalization too.

    And while I used it wrong. Which is pretty dumb of me. You still seemed to understand the point otherwise you wouldn’t have been so confident to correct me. So in the end didn’t my improper usage work just fine without the correction?

    But yeah. I’m glad all you saw worthy enough to respond to was an error like that. I mean if you have nothing good to say then definitely go out of your way to put someone down right?



    thej….. I think that you enjoy searching thru the rosters of the other MLB teams looking for players that would fill the holes on the Card’s roster. You are in the school of those willing to trade away key prospects for MLB ready players. Sometimes the farm hands that you recommend for dispatch are a little scary and maybe ill-advised.

    The players that you deem almost necessary for us to acquire are easier said, and go against the trade history of the organization. I won’t go into that now because there are too many actions that have consequences. The last significant trade we made was the JGarcia deal and the last major acquisition was Fowler (ugh).

    I read what you have to say…. sometimes everything, though some comments are repetitive. I’m all in on your right to post whatever you like. One of these days the Cards will made a move to acquire a power bat and most likely it will be someone that you have proposed. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Be well, and there’s no intended complaint here. Yada yada yada.
    ps… suggestion, try scouring the minor league rosters for trade bait. It will expand your horizons.



    I think we would all prefer Hosmer to Belt but there is a price difference to consider. Belt is signed for four more years at $17M/year. I think Hosmer will get a five or six year deal at between $20m-$25M/year. The Yankees and Red Sox could end up bidding against each other for him.

    As for Stanton, a couple of different reporters have recently stated that they are 99% sure the Cards would not be interested in taking on that contract, based on conversations with front office personnel.



    Why are we talking about ANY 1Bman? We have one and he is good ~ Carpenter.

    In fact, I’m at a loss as to what we need with Fowler and Pham stepping up in the OF and Wong and DeJong stepping up in the infield.

    LF is about it and it would mean parting with Grichuk and Piscotty and blocking Bader, O’Neill, Sierra, Garcia, and Arozarena in the future.

    The only free agent I’d like to spin the tires on is Mike Moustakas. I like him quite a bit for next year.



    first off..i know plenty of minor league players…however i rarely see us making trades fro minor league superstars to be…when we do make trades it tends to be prospects for MLb guys…sure the Oneill trade is different but still…in general the Cardinals dont do that…and IMO paying a lot of MLB talent for a prospect is pretty risky…AND the other team rarely wants to do it… yes it does happen at the trade deadline and you do see it…

    i have brought up young talent countless times in this thread…

    I am in NO camp at all..i see the benefit of working in both directions… mlb fro prospects can work..prospects for MLB…. salary dumps…etc etc whatever works…

    the camp i do tend to be in…is the camp that says trade from your strength and depth…and for me right now..i see

    also..i get not love for scouring other teams rosters…i follow baseball i watch baseball every day…i read about baseball every day…i check the minor leagues for the Cardinals every night or next morning… i look at the international prospects…i knwo most of the other rosters of other teams because i follow baseball..i watch other games than just the Cardinals…i play Fantasy baseball still (9th year of the Cardinals forum birdhouse league)…which forces you to be aware of all the other teams out there…

    yeah…i dont follow every other teams minor leaguers as close as the majors players…btu i do check in on the top prospects and look through systems when they seem a fun talking point for a trade or it is listed as somethign happening via buzz or reports…

    you can go look at all my posts ever in this thread…i jump around with all types of ideas for trades…even ones i dont really agree with…but that’s the fun of it… j

    just because i post a trade abuot Stanton that is entered around prospects for MLB ready doesnt pigeon hole me in any way…it was the idea i thought of to talk about the bigger point…which was about finding a perfect fit for our lineup concerns…and how we could get such a player…and how i think stanton fits that mold perfectly…. whether he WANTS to play here or whether peopel THINK we woudlnt take on that money doesnt matter much in the slightest…as for as much as it was about Sttanton it was about the idea of Stanton and the concept of what would best fit

    also…as for us not being willing to take on that contract…i think if Stanton agreed to it and waived the no trade….and he really didnt like it…he’d leave in 2020 anyways…as he has a nopt out..which he will probably take anyways……which means we’d only be paying him big bucks for what 3 years?…and people talk about taking on Hosmer for 25million for 5-6 years? Stanton is better, younger, and while he woudl require trading for and paying…the deal gives us a household name (hOsmer doesnt really do that even if i do like him) whiel also helping us clear up some of our growing glut of good prospects who are MLB ready… and woudlnt you rather trade them for elite talent rather than wasting them in the pen or shufflin them off in lesser deal which have a lower chance of providing the glaring offensive rock we are lacking in the middle of the lineup while also giving us a star? up a lot of good prospects for potentially 3 years of Stanton woudl be hefty but not future damaging…

    im not advocating for any specific just tryin to put together ideas and have fun thinking about them out loud with all of you

    i see solutions where dOnaldson makes sense, Ozuna, Stanton , Belt, Hosmer, Moose, etc etc… what’s best is not really up to decide, but it doesnt mean we cant have fun thinking about it together



    I have read several opinions by different writers that KC intends to give Qualifying offer to Hosmer and they want to keep him around.As for Moustakas I have read KC is now leaning towards QO for him also.



    I think the Royals would be pretty dumb not to offer QO’s on all their big FA’s to be…. doesn;t mean any of them will take those one year deals though

    i think they’d love to keep Moose and Hosmer…but at best i think they can keep one….and Hosmer i think is the obvious choice…still they may not be able to afford him…so maybe they turn their money to MOose…and let hosmer go…

    regardless…Cain hosmer Moose will all bring them back good compensation picks in a weak hitting FA market… so even if they cant keep any of them they wont walk away with nothing



    I don’t think anyone advocated signing Hosmer for 6 yrs $25m/yr. I stated that it might take that to sign him though. I think the cost will be too high for the Cardinals to consider either Hosmer or Stanton so we should set our sights a little lower.



    I get that argument. Though I think with the new money and the clear statements for a missing middle order back might allow for spending more so perhaps the price point is not as. If a deal as we might think based on past offseason FA spending or contracts to take on.

    What price point does Hosmer become worth it? 5 yrs 20mil? 6 yrs 15 mil? I really don’t know.

    To me I think he’s in line for 5 years 20mil at least but you never know with the contracts nowadays.


    Brian Walton

    Brewers not giving up.

    Sources: #Mets close to trading 2B Neil Walker to the #Brewers.



    Given we still have Carpenter I think we should be targetting J.D. Martinez instead of Hosmer (of course a lot of other teams will be doing so also).



    JD Martinez makes sense but what do you think.about his degrading defense? Seems an AL team would be a safer bet



    In 2 years Martinez replaces Carpenter at first! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This team cares about defense?



    Many on this board, myself included, have consistently stated that this team needs to acquire a big bat over the winter. However, due to the emergence of Pham, Dejong, and others, the offense doesn’t seem as bleak as it once did. The rotation, however, looks shaky for next year. CMart is solid, Leake is only good for half of a season, Wacha is always one pitch away from a catastrophic injury, Waino is at best a no. 5 starter, and Lynn is most likely gone due to FA.

    I say all of that to suggest that perhaps we allocate our payroll muscle to a big time starter. Instead of Stanton’s massive contract, how about Verlander? The AAV is high but only for a couple of years. He could bridge the gap to guys like Weaver, Flaherty, Hudson, and Alcantara. Lynn’s AAV might be a little lower than Verlander but Lynn will require at least 5 years, thus blocking the aforementioned prospects.



    Pham and others though haven’t emerged fully, we learned that with Diaz where last year he was great and he’s gone this year, just saying that we’d need more time to judge whether DeJong is for real or not…we do need a big bat to change the whole dynamic of the team, as for pitching if all that we need is to bridge the gap till Weaver and the like then why make a big trade for a big payday like Verlander…and why would we trade for Carpenter’s replacement and get an old guy…



    I don’t know what you mean by trading for Carpenter’s replacement and get an old guy….Must be an inside joke…

    Verlander would be an option as a stop gap because he is still really good and only under contract for two more years. 2020 is a vesting option that only kicks in if he is in the top 5 of Cy Young voting in 2019.

    I feel confident that Pham has emerged. The only question with him is can he stay healthy for a full season. As for DeJong, I think it is unfair to label him Diaz 2.0. I’m sure there will be adjustments back and forth as the league tries different things with him but he has a lot more power that Diaz and that can make up for other areas. Plus he is a much better defender.



    I’m not labeling DeJong as Diaz 2.0, only that we should wait before making a decision on him, he might follow Diaz’s path and he might not…as for Martinez he’s almost the same age as Carpenter and will be at least 31 next season so he doesn’t have many years left in the game where he’s at his top production. If Verlander was so good the Tigers wouldn’t be willing to trade him…



    Again, not sure about the Carpenter/Martinez comment. Maybe that was from a different poster?? If they are talking about Jose Martinez I don’t think he will be a replacement for anyone.

    Verlander is still good but the Tigers are finally acknowledging that they are in a rebuild situation so I’m sure they would like to shed Verlander’s contract. Personally I wouldn’t mind bringing Lynn back but it would take a 5 year deal to do so. Not sure that is wise.



    I was just saying that JD Martinez is pretty much the same age as Carpenter is now so if Carpenter is getting old why would we trade for a guy that’s all but the same age, Lynn should have been traded…



    Weaver and Piscotty should have been traded for Gray…throw in an OF to sweeten the deal, but it seems that deal was right there for the taking…

    doing so allows us to let Lynn walk while giving the QO
    gives us a solid Lynn replacement for good value of money
    helps us out for this year
    protects us from Waino not coming back and/or Leake or Wacha digressing
    allows for dealing Wacha to be a profitable offseason option if he keeps up his good year
    clears a 40 man spot or two depending on the thrown in player

    a deal for a veteran arm should have been done…we all wanted it even if it would have been labeled as a do nothign move… NEshek was had for almost nothing and he’d look pretty good in our bullpen right now…Madson, Dolittle, and several others were options as well…Clippard even was had for almost nothing and while he had a poor year so far he still would have helped

    I think we could probably still land Colon if we wanted from the Sept. waiver period…he’s be exactly who he is…which is a coinflip…which might be better than our options right now

    and i am still a supporter of LEake and want Waino to come back… but expecting Weaver and Flaherty or whomever to potentially take Leakes spot to walk in and dazzle from day one is unrealistic…

    cray how we have spiraled since Rosy and Waino went down… no matter what you think…they are/were important to keeping the rest of the team feeling good



    LOL, Wacha has a bad outing and here we go again with the trade Wacha BS. The Cardinals are not going to trade Wacha, period, end of story.

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