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    If we get Donaldson we could trade Gyroko to the Red Sox. They still need an everyday 3B.

    I also like the Lynn and Carp to the Yanks idea. If we are going to re-load we might as well go all in and do it right. I wish we could find takers for Fowler and Leake also but I know that won’t happen.



    If they were trade that for Donaldson, Girsch and Mo both need to be fired on the spot. Way too much for Donaldson. I like all 3 (Flaherty, Hudson and O’Neill) of those players staying with the Cardinals unless it is for a Stanton, Trout or Arenado.

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    The Red Sox got Eduardo Nunez from the Giants already I thought?



    They did, and they also called up Devers



    The P-D writers think the Cardinals are going to do the usual, and acquire a reliever…

    “I do feel if you look at the last few weeks finding some consistency in our bullpen may be top priority because for the most part the rotation has been strong.”

    “I think that there’s a chance that some of the things this roster needs to see happen we might be better off addressing in the offseason than trying to do something right now,”

    “The Cardinals are actively looking for a reliever to add to a bullpen that has been tagged with 20 of the Cardinals’ losses.”

    If the Cardinals do their usual, and do nothing but add some mid-grade reliever, this is nothing but putting lipstick on a pig. They are below .500, the Cubs are on fire and already have made one major upgrade. The front office began the year by punting on the season, they should just admit they punted on the season and try to have a better team for next year.



    To say that would be dumb as dirt doesn’t cover it.



    Now this would be a trade I can see the Cardinals asking for, and getting, Carter Kieboom back. The Nationals are in win-now mode, Pham is having a career year, and Rosenthal is controllable for another year…

    I could see the Cardinals getting a package of Kieboom + Nick Raquet + one other pitcher…

    Of course, the Cardinals front office would actually have to face the reality that we are a sub .500 team and need to sell this year…



    Frazier can also play first. This trade makes too much sense to have a chance of ever happening, IMHO.



    The middle of the order bat (or two) has to be found, 2017 is lost in my opinion, the Cards aren’t catching the Cubs folks! Not with Gyorko as your cleanup hitter…

    Trade Lynn for X
    Trade Pham for Y
    Trade Rosey for Z
    X Y Z could all be potential top 100ish
    Trade Oh for, well anything
    Then send Grichuk, Hudson, Lyons, X, y and Z to Miami for Ozuna and the Cards have a #3 hitter for 18 and 19.

    Then trade Carp to the highest bidder for prospects a,b and c
    Trade Gyorko, Piscotty, and a,b and c to Toronto for Donaldson

    Trade for Bruce from the Mets for salary relief for them

    Trade for Alonso from A’s (again, light market)

    Pick up some wild card RP dumps and put them on a short leash…

    Fowler, Wong, Ozuna, Donaldson, Alonso, Bruce, Yadi and DeJong would be a fun 17 team to watch at the least!

    Ozuna, Donaldson as 3/4 With a FA 1B signing would provide a much more optimistic outlook on 2018 also.



    So you are taking off our roster:
    SP – replaced with ???
    OF – replaced with Ozuna
    OF – replaced with Bruce (free agent at year’s end)
    1B – replaced with Alonzo (free agent at year’s end)
    3B – replaced with Donaldson (free agent at end of 2018)
    Closer #1 – replaced with ???
    Closer #2 – replaced with ???
    RP – replaced with ???
    That creates 4 holes to be filled.

    Then, we also get rid of:
    DL OF
    prospect SP

    We create 2 more holes at year’s end and another at the end of 2018

    If we pick up some RP dumps, what do we have to give up to acquire them? What do we have to give up acquire Alonso? This all makes us better now and in the future, how?



    2019 has a year and a half to figure itself out, for 2018 they would have Ozuna, Fowler and Bader in the OF or sign a Bruce or RF type of you want to make Bader a 4th, but with the depth/log jam I don’t see that being an issue. Donaldson, DeJong/Diaz if he rebounds, Wong and for 1st, it’s not hard or expensive to find an Alonso type to play 1st. Remember how many decent guys were available late in the offseason? A guy with some power to hit 5 or 6, love Yadi but don’t love him as the 5 hitter.

    Starting 5 in 2018 of Cmart, Wacha, Weaver, Leake, wainwright, Reyes and how many other options are in the high minors? I’m also a big fan of a reclamation project or two for the 5 spot. A reunion with Jamie as an example….

    BP’s in general are so fluid yearly, or even monthly. Tui, Cecil, Siegrist, Bowman, Brebbia, Duke, and about 5 guys in the high minors can sort it out this year and one might emerge as as solid closer(Tui needs a shot). Going into 2018, once again, it’s so fluid there is zero point in predicting who will step up.

    My thoughts were more toward setting up for 2018 since I feel this year is lost, but adding those pieces at least makes them bearable to watch the rest of the season and finding a 5/6 power guy for 1B isn’t that hard for 2018 if they don’t feel there is a good internal option. They could potentially even make a big play for Hosmer (highly doubtful of course). So yes, overall with the Cards pitching and OF depth(which they don’t have spots for on the 40 man) this makes them better overall this year and next.



    Then we get to listen to you complain when our new, “improved” bullpen loses more games for us. Who plays if one of Ozuna, Fowler or Bader get hurt? Remember, we are going to have to trade someone to acquire Alonso and at least 1 RP for this year. You are also assuming that Reyes is ready to pitch at the beginning of 2018.

    I agree that we need to thin the system out a little. However, I don’t see how trading a bunch of players for what are essentially rentals makes us better for this year, next year or 2019 and beyond. If 2017 is lost, don’t trade for 2 players that will be gone at the end of the season.

    If we are going to make trades of several players for one player, why not aim for something that helps short term and long term?



    I personally have never said a word about the BP,

    If any other ideas are floated for a 3, 4 hitter are thought or pondered about I’d love to hear them, but the BP is pointless unless they score runs first and if are down can score more, once again, DeJomg Gyorko and Yadi aint gonna do it, that’d be an ok 6,7,8 if that can be an option



    I don’t neither Nunez or Devers are the answer for them this year. They could still use a 3B upgrade.



    Watch the Cards end up with a Luke Gregerson or Jim Johnson or a Kirby Yates for the pen.All could be had fairly cheap……..and IMHO one of the OFs goes in the deal.



    wow…Darvish to the Dodgers…..cant say i ddint see it coming but it got so late i thought it wouldnt happen… no idea who they gave up…i’m guessing way too much for a rental

    Dodgers are the 2016 cubs…throw it all away for the chance to win right now…worked for the Cubs…we’ll see if the Dodgers do the same

    they acquired Cingrani, Darvish, Watson today…

    Dodgers are already crazy good…Darvish makes them almost unstoppable IMO

    Kershaw, Darvish, Wood, MAeda for their Playoff rotation

    almost makes me wonder if Kershaw may be more hurt than they let on..




    I’m glad the Dodgers got Darvish. I wish they would have gotten Britton also but they didn’t. Knowing that the Nats always choke in the playoffs the Dodgers are the only thing preventing the Cubs from the World Series again so I wish the Dodgers well.



    I noticed all the moves the Cards made today to try and improve the bullpen and the offense.The FO delivers again.Watch out Cubbies……..



    With some of Mo’s moves the last couple years, we might be better off that they’re frozen in a state of inactivity. Often, the best trades are the ones that aren’t made. Yep, let’s just go with that. 😉


    Brian Walton

    The Cubs threw it all away to win in 2016? Do you really believe that?

    I see the Cubs, Dodgers and Nats all lined up to be good for the next 3-4 years at least.


    Andrew Crause

    We could have worked to improve this year, or improve for the future. We did neither. If they want to resign Lynn that’s one thing but if he walks and we just get a 2nd round pick that should be the last straw regarding Mo’s and his job.



    Note to self: Don’t get too worked up for next season’s trade deadline.




    I said all along that they wouldn’t do anything. Listen to me the next time. The Cardinal Way is to develop minor league talent then add a second tier type here and there like Fowler, Cecil, Leake etc. and hope for the best. Don’t get “worked up” over potential “BIG” deals because it’s not going to happen. It will be the same thing this winter so relax and watch for more of the same.


    Brian Walton


    Still some opportunity for moves in August…Stanton could still be moved and we’d get a crack at him before any of the big players like LAD or CHI…

    and with MIA’s rotation being absolute shambles…(Volquez gone for this year and next now too)…Chen being a FA and their young pitchers outside of Urena showing little signs of living up to their hopes…and i doubt they go and get a big SP in the offseason… perhaps we coudl find a way to use those saved SP prospects (and an outfielder too…to offer to them Fro Stanton

    It’d be a gutsy move…and expensive for salary and for prospects…but it would be a real move for the future and right now even…

    When 2018 offseason begins…we and everyone else will want Harper or MAchado…but the money will get stupid fast….the guys outside of those two are still gonna get huge contracts too…

    and Stantons 30million is big money but not potential stupid money…and we dont have to woo Stanton we can trade for him…and should he leave in 2020 then so be it..

    Piscotty/or Bader or Sierra if they like them better) + Weaver (or maybe Wacha?) + Gomber (or another decent SP) for Stanton and all that contract….

    too little? perhaps but that contract will hang heavy…and without any pitching they are just wasting Stanton;s huge contract anyways…at least Ozuna and Yelich are cheap and will be still young by the time they get a good rotation put together

    crazy but not out of the realms of possibility…

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