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    40 man roster will limit options

    Mejia/Valera (one but not both)
    Siegrest (from DL)

    That would be a high number (9) but very possible. All deserve it and could contribute.

    I dont think they add a 3rd catcher unless one that interest them pops up on the waiver wire or is released.



    Would the Cardinals risk tainting the AAA teams chances of a PCL and AAA title? I wouldn’t!

    Honestly the call ups might be Piscotty, Seigrist, Sierra, Diaz and that’s about it.

    I would like to see Montgomery at some point.


    Brian Walton

    Remember that players do not all have to be called up on Sept. 1. My expectation is that the Cards will take the few guys at the start that they really want for depth and leave the rest with Memphis until the Triple-A playoffs are done.



    I’d still like to see what Wisdom could do playing 3B. But if we’re in a pennant race, it doesn’t seem likely.



    My guess for Sept 1st… Piscotty, Diaz, Mayers and Sierra.



    With Memphis undoubtedly going to the playoffs…day 1 i think we see

    Piscotty and Diaz…maybe an arm like Mayers or Gant…Siegrest if healthy

    after the playoffs
    we tend to add another catcher so i think Rosario gets added brought up
    Oneill needs to be protected on the 40 man this offseason anyways so go for him
    Valera I think gets shot to show what he has….or at least i really want to get Valera up here,
    Mejia seems the obvious choice as he is a good SS…but we haev already seen him…so i hpoe Valera gets a shot to show off his new swing and switch hittinging ability

    Wisdom gets brought on to the 40 man to see if he is worth protecting

    Sierra is weird…nto being in Memphis makes it easier to bring him up but i feel like he might go to AFL so i am not sure if we bring him up or not..

    I want to see Montgomery…but i dunno…40 man is gonna be pretty full



    I still do not understand why when our bullpen was imploding Montgomery didn’t get called up. As far as 40 man roster goes, he’d be more valuable than Valera or Gilmartin.



    Springfield is also in the hunt for the post season.



    Jag, to make your additions you would need to remove 4 players from the 40 man roster. Who would you choose?



    It’s a good point. Just what I’d do with looking at what’d make sense. Not really that all will get the shot.

    Gilmartin and Wick probably go.

    Rosario for one spot
    Montgomery for the other.

    If Siegrest isn’t coming back (he is) we could go one more. Mejia might sneak through and I’m not sure he survives the cut this offseason

    O’Neill and Wisdom would be nice but unless some one gets hurt might as well wait until the offseason for them.

    Valera seems like a perfect bench pinch hitter and with Diaz coming up I think we’d have SS backed up sufficiently
    mayers or Gant
    Bader or Sierra both seems gluttonous I kind of want Sierra just for his legs

    I could see Montgomery getting passed up for O’Neill or wisdom even if I don’t like it

    1 catcher
    2 middle infield
    2 outfield
    4 pitchers

    That’s a big clubhouse but it’s taken sot of guys to get us in this thing. Why not have them up to help.



    Valid arguments Jag. I think the Cards for go tbe third catcher this year. I think your fave Valera is more likely to go than Mejia but hard to say.

    Wick is pitching better lately. Tough call to give up his potential for the seemingly greater certainty of Montgomery.



    Mejia showing he wants another crack in September – batting .358 in July and August.



    The guy the Cards should bring up is Valera. Batting .407 in July and August, that’s if you want to compare apples and apples. Valera was at .276 on July 2nd and now at .322 for the season. When Valera heats up he can start a fire. Probably they will both get calls, plus Diaz. That’s a pretty good INF that Memphis can throw together.



    Don’t see Valera coming up until after Memphis playoffs if at all.Cards have Mejia who passed over Valera earlier this year.IMHO the only guys that come up Sept 1 will be some guys who have been up (Weaver and Gant and Diaz and Sierra.I think Valera and Mejia and Mayers and Bader come up after AAA playoffs.As for a 3rd Catcher can’t Greg Garcia catch in a pinch? I thought he caught a inning or two in Spring training to see if he could be a emergency catcher? Please correct me if I am thinking of the wrong player.



    the thing is…a 3rd catcher coming up is pretty standard for every team

    but for us it becomes even more helpful as it actually allows the use of Kelly’s bat for pinch hitting

    an emergency catcher to me is really only a pre September thing

    still we may only go with two but i think ti devalues Yadi and Kelly by doing so (when either is on the bench in a game they will rarely get to use their offensive prowess)



    If Jager is right and it makes good sense to have another guy so Cards can have more flexibility.Getting MM to use him will be a job.Rosario will probably be the 3rd catcher.What ticks me off is not using the players available who could help you win a game when you have the possible use of a expanded roster.Using the BS excuse of having a crowded bench is just that BS.TLR did that several years and I hated it .Considered it a wasted chance and opportunities lost.

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