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    Morales and Summerville are good ones.



    Woodford is primed for a breakout year. Has been very solid to this point.



    Zach Jackson’s name rarely comes up anywhere. I know he had a dismal season at GCL, but he was the 4th player chosen by the Cards in the sixth round (184). He’s a big (6’3″-215) catcher that bats left-handed.
    High schoolers sometimes have a poor pro entry season. He’ll only be 20 in May, maybe he was homesick or missed his gf or his buds. And maybe the extra year of modest maturity will give him some confidence.

    I hope he loves the game well enough to give it his best. Two years of mediocrity won’t get him far. There’s some good catching competition at the lower levels… he better get his rear in gear. Maybe he just needs a swift kick in the A55.

    That’s why I put him down for a sleeper.


    Brian Walton

    Jackson (Zach, not Vince) is definitely a good sleeper, IMO.

    If Woodford could emulate Flaherty two years in a row, that would be something!



    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a nice piece about Connor Greene in today’s paper. Basically, what it says is that somebody changed his meds up last year, and that caused him a lot of difficulty. His meds (for ADHD) are back to what they were, and he feels like himself again. This kid throws 100+ MPH.



    Julio Rodriguez
    Anthony Young
    Jorge Soler
    One of the 2017 draft class pitchers – we had pribably 5-10 with really good stats. I dont know which one but I’m betting 1 or 2 make it.

    I tried to avoid ranked prospects since we are looking at underrated guys. Of the rated guys, I’m thinking Scott Hurst may be better than we think. Has Bader potential I think.


    Brian Walton

    CC, that is Andy/Andrew Young, right? Jorge Soler plays for the Royals. I am guessing you mean DSL OF Carlos Soler.



    Yes, thanks for the corrections.



    I’d like to weigh in on this subject too. In the absence of Jonathan Mayo, I’d like to put forth the name of Zach Jackson just for redemption purposes. I figure they must be related. Anyway, this is one of my favorite subjects; something I ponder every year. I break this into 2 lists.

    1. Juan Yepez – Yes, I hated the trade too, but this kid won me over big time. Fearless and productive.
    2. Elehuris Montero – Burgeoning power still on the rise. He got noticed last season and hopefully he becomes part of the everyday conversation in 2018.
    3. Jesus Cruz – The second coming of Roberto Asuna out of Mexico? Okay, maybe not, however, he did impress in his short stay and has ability to jump levels.
    4. Victor Garcia – So this one is literally out of leftfield, so sue me. He has power to all fields, but had a slow start to last season. I’m betting he jumps to the head of the line this year.

    1. Dylan Carlson – He turned up the production in the second half and now he’ll amp it up in a very big way this season. He’ll own the headlines.
    2. Jeremy Martinez – Not his fault his season went awry. He was rushed up the system due to necessity. This year he’ll be able to sit back in one place and show off his talents. In 2018…he’s BACK!
    3. Tommy Edman – Same story, pushed ahead of his development by lack of depth in the system and injuries. Give him a locker next to Jeremy’s and watch the friendly competition bring out the best in both.
    4. Ian Oxnevad – I’ve been in his corner since we drafted him. Time to step it up son, you’re making me look bad. This year, he puts himself into the prospect conversation for good.

    Honorable mention from last year: Andy Young; only three players in the Cardinal farm system his more homers then he did in 2017 and who saw that coming? Anyone???

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    Jesus Cruz is interesting. Certainly had blow away statistics even for being older. Will be 23 in April. Where does he start the year? I think it depends on whether they see him long term as a starter or as a reliever. If it is as a starter they might hold him back in EST to work on secondary pitches. If it as a reliever they could push him fast at Peoria or even PB.

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