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    “Cubs develop hitters and buy pitchers. Cards develop pitchers and acquire a few hitters, but not often enough”

    I just want to say something. The Cubs don’t exactly develop hitters. Most of their guys are top 10 draft picks. I’d say the Cardinals do a much better job of developing or finding low-rated hitters, ie Carpenter, Adams, DeJong, Bader, Pham, Kelly, Craig, etc. are much more difficult to find or develop than Bryant, Baez, Schwarber, Russell, Happ, or Almora, who were all top draft choices and developed as such.

    Contreras has been their only player that wasn’t a pre-ordained star to begin with. You have to go back to Starlin Castro and Giovany Soto to find the last position players that the Cubs “developed”.

    Theo has done two things well. Draft big-time players and make excellent trades while tanking.


    Brian Walton

    Well, Pads, of course there is truth in noting that drafting earlier increases the odds of getting a better player. Yes, they made wise picks overall. However, I think you are selling short the importance of player development. Not every first-rounder becomes a star – a lot of them fail along the way. Was it a busted pick or failed player development in the minors? Never a clear answer.

    I believe the Cubs have done better than most in developing top position player prospects into impactful major leaguers.



    agreed Pads…i was thinking the same thing, but you said it better than i could (obviously)

    all i would add is that we developed Pujols pretty well out of a low pick…and Yadi has developed pretty darned well too and at the MLB level which rarely happens… I think Bryant and Rizzo are nice and all but are they HOF hitters? Bryant has a shot i think, Rizzo I dunno…and the cubs didnt really develop him anyways…Bryant’s development too is questionable as he played almost no time in the minors…he was good enough to come right up and play, sure he will get better as he plays in the MLB but what he learned in the minors system didnt get him where he is.

    not the amefor Pujols who i think did figure it out as a result of the Cardinals system…same goes for Yadi (and no i am not equating Yadi as a hitter to Pujols…but i am saying Yadi is a HOFer who woudlnt be a HOFer if his bat hadnt developed along the way)

    Contreras is a nice find…and BAez’s growth from what he originally showed is worth mentioning, but until i see couple years from those guys at the high levels they show i dont see it as anything more than finding a diamond in the rough…which all teams do


    The Red Sox have done a good job in developing players as well. Jackie Bradley, Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts are guys they’ve developed just recently. All of them are starters and came up through the Red Sox system.

    Pujols only spent one season in the minors. Bryant spent two years in the Cubs system so I’m not following your rationale on how Bryant wasn’t developed by the Cubs but Pujols was developed by the Cards.


    A bit of a “chicken or egg” deal with systems and developing hitters. Pujols for example would have been a great hitter where ever he matriculated. He just happened to be a guy most scouts felt had a bad baseball body, and would not hold up in the big leagues.

Viewing 5 posts - 151 through 155 (of 155 total)

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