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    Voting is open for #36-40.


    #36 Bryce Denton
    #37 Matt Pearce
    #38 Ian Oxnevard
    #39 Scott Hurst
    #40 Nick Plummer


    David Greenwald

    Bryce Denton
    Ian Oxnevad
    Nick Plummer
    Scott Hurst
    Matt Pearce



    Bryce Denton – Denton was the 6th youngest player in the NY Penn league, a bit of a misnomer though since Yepez, like CC said, is younger and at a higher level and Carlson’s younger than both. Still Denton put up above-average batting stats (105 wRC+) there and has the prospect pedigree. I honestly forgot about Yepez though, so I’m going to move him ahead of Denton. Yepez played 3B half the time too.

    Sometimes draft status factors in and, in the case of Plummer and Denton, that appears to be driving the votes for the two of them. That same draft produced Woodford, Bader, Hicks, and DeJong as well.



    I like Zach Kirtley and his 13.5% BB% vs. a 17.9% K% too. He plays 2B and was a young college junior signee….played at State College. Don’t know if I vote for him here though.



    #36.-JeMartinez One of the best pure C in the organization. Spent ’17 at PB improving on his defense and working with the pitchers he’ll be battery mates with as they progress through the system. Good enough to catch the AAA Championship game for the Redbirds. That’s a Hi-Rookie to AAA jump in one season.

    #37.-Hurst Our top draft pick tailed off some towards the end of the season but still managed a solid .282 at State College. Another promising CFer at the lower levels, he could start ’18 at Palm Beach but I’d rather see him at Peoria.

    #38.-Matt Pearce In line for the Memphis rotation in ’18 in a crowded field. Dominated in 17 starts at AA, 3.11 ERA 1.08 WHIP .239BA. Needs only to watch his HR #s.

    #39.- Andrew Young Was the main spark for Peoria for two months (211AB-12HR-38RBI-5SB-only 2 errors at 2B). Was sent up to PB in mid-June and finished the season at AA. A great go-getter and can play 2B-SS-3B. effectively.

    #40.- Anthony Shew Began his 2nd pro season at State College with 4 excellent starts (0.92 WHIP 27 Ks in 24 IP and only 2BB) before moving up to Peoria where he made 9 starts and matched his SC #s, actually improving on his ERA and BA. Will no doubt get a spot in the PB rotation in ’18.



    36. Hurst
    37. Oxenard
    38. Denton
    39. Yepez
    40. Ortega



    I could probably list 5-7 catchers here that I would no be embarrassed to list in my top 40.



    So far we have 2 Cs. I’d say 5 in the top-50.



    36. Denton
    37. Oxnevard
    38. Bandes
    39. Young
    40. Hurst



    36.Jeremy Martinez C
    37.Rowan Wick RP
    38.Patrick Wisdom 3B
    39.Scott Hurst OF
    40.Stefan Trosclair 1B



    I’m going the Rodney Dangerfield route. These guys simply don’t get “no respect”. They’ve earned a place on the list, especially at #36-40 when they’ve performed at a much higher level than lower level guys with unproven potential.

    36.) Patrick Wisdom – 31 hone runs and 89 RBI in 5 months at AAA.
    37.) Breyvic Valera – .314/.368/.450/.819 at AAA.
    38.) Nick Martini – .303/.394/.436/.830 at AAA.
    39.) Matt Pearce – 1.16 career WHIP. Finished the year at AAA.
    40.) Rangel Ravelo – .314/.383/.480/.863 at AAA.



    Thanks for the info on Shew. I hadn’t realized he’d been that good this year. For me, still a little early for him given his age and poor 2016 but should make my list somewhere.



    36. Pearce – he’s just going to keep producing results and one day we’ll see him in the bigs
    37. Sherriff – Already had a look and will have an opportunity to earn a role in the pen
    38. Valera – On the path for an MLB bench spot. May never be a huge impact player but the utility infielder has value and we’re getting later into the rankings.
    39. Hurst – Mixing in a higher draft pick that had some success
    40. Je Martinez – touched AAA in just his second season. Organization likes what he does behind the plate



    36 Mayers
    37 Je Martinez
    38 Pearce
    39 Wisdom
    40 Ellis


    After 9 votes here’s the current tally:

    Hurst – 18
    Pearce – 18
    Denton – 18
    Oxnevard – 15
    Martinez – 15
    Wisdom – 10
    Valera – 7
    Mayers – 5
    Plummer – 4
    Young – 4
    Wick – 4
    Sherriff – 4
    Martini – 3
    Bandes – 3
    Yepez – 2
    Shew – 1
    Ortega – 1
    Trosclaire – 1
    Ravelo – 1
    Ellis – 1



    36 Je Martinez
    37 Denton
    38 Oxnevad
    39 Valera
    40 Plummer



    Adding in Mudville and brianpnoonan’s previous round votes, I have the tally at Denton 31, Pearce 28, Hurst 26, Martinez 23, and Oxnevad 18.

    I’ll close it tomorrow since it’s only been a little over 24 hours.



    Adding in Mudville and brianpnoonan’s previous round votes, I have the tally at Denton 31, Pearce 28, Hurst 26, Martinez 23, and Oxnevad 18.

    Pads, I counted votes listed here for those who have their #36-40 listed … plus the votes for Mudville and Brianpnoonan from the prior round, as you mentioned you have done. I am getting the same totals for Pearce, Hurst, and Oxnavrad, but different numbers for Denton and Martinez. I did not see your choices listed, so perhaps that accounts for the discrepancy.

    If you look at BlackHills Cards numbers for Denton, he has 18. Add in 4 for Sooner’s vote and that takes him to 22. If you then add Mudville’s 5, that takes him to 27. {I did not see a vote for Denton from brianpnoonan.) I see in post #35584 you mentioned moving Yepez ahead of Denton, so perhaps that takes him to the 31 vote total you’ve listed if you placed him at the 37 slot?

    Based on BlackHillsCard’s 15 votes for Martinez, if you add Sooner’s 5, that takes it to 20. Then, if you go back to page 12 and look at Wiley’s absentee vote that he requested be counted because he is traveling (his vote was for Pearce, Hurst, Kruczynski, Martinez, and Sheriff), that would be 20 + 2 = 22, which is one off from the 23 you have listed above. (I didn’t see a vote for Martinez from Brian.)

    Without the votes for your rankings included, I believe the current top 5 vote tally for this round is as follows: Pearce 28, Denton, 27, Hurst 26, Martinez 22, and Oxnevard 18.

    If I am incorrect, please let me know.



    Gotta make sure my vote is counted;

    36. Matt Pearce –
    37. Scott Hurst –
    38. Evan Kruczynski – The only pitcher to debut in Peoria from the 2017 draft and he more then held his own. His numbers were comparable to Oxnevad, except his 3.41era was much better.
    39. Jeremy Martinez – I think the org was too aggressive in his promotion right from the start of the season. Let’s hope it didn’t stunt his development a la Pete Kozma.
    40. Ryan Sherriff – He’s made the Show and proved he belonged. Lefty relievers are always in demand. Look what happened with Sam Freeman. No reason Sherriff can’t do the same.



    I don’t think it is wise to go back to a previous round to start counting votes. It sets a bad precedent and participants will be less likely to actually vote if they know their vote will be added in anyway. It should be what you see is what you got. Heck, Noon hasn’t voted since 21-25. Let’s keep it real.

    If Mud and Pads choose not to submit votes, they can pick it up at 41-45 if they want.



    Ah. I forgot to include mine. Oops.

    I went
    #36 – Yepez
    #37 – Denton
    #38 – Wick
    #39 – Wisdom
    #40 – Martinez



    Pads – please take me off the voters list. Thanks very much.




    I only went back to previous votes to break a tie. Brianpnoonan voted for Matt Pearce at round 21-25, it stands to reason he thinks Pearce would be a #36-40 prospect.

    I would always include previous votes, but some posters completely change up their pattern like bcccran.

    Anyway, I’m going to call it for #36-40. Sorry for leaving my votes off!

    #36 – Bryce Denton
    #37 – Matt Pearce
    #38 – Scott Hurst
    #39 – Jeremy Martinez
    #40 – Ian Oxnevad



    Voting is open for #41-45.

    My votes are:

    #41 – Juan Yepez ~ Strong season as the second youngest player on Peoria. Played half the season at 3B too.
    #42 – Patrick Wisdom ~ Addition to 40-man is strong indication that he’ll be in the majors next year.
    #43 – Rowan Wick ~ Talented pitcher, further ahead of Jason Motte at this age.
    #44 – Ryan Sherriff ~ Put up good numbers at Memphis and in the majors. Looks like he can stick.
    #45 – Josh Lucas ~ fantastic season as Memphis’ closer. Sent to AFL this fall too.

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