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    Brian Walton

    Michael Wacha (11‐7, 4.21) vs. Ivan Nova (11‐12, 4.11) 1:15 p.m. FOX Sports Midwest



    Wow. Not even one extra post?

    Winning by 5 and super clutch Yadi. Wacha shining.

    Why no posting when we are doing well? Unfortunately it is to be expected huh?

    Everyone must have to work this Sunday I guess. But people posting on other topics. Guess just no room for angst or evidence of their pessimism in this game so far.

    Team is playing well right now with the youngsters really sparking them.

    Even if we can’t finish this game off it’s been great so far. But I’d guess everyone would show up if something bad happened.

    Regardless, it’s all exciting right now. Every game matters and everything is within our grasp

    Go Cards!



    Hard not to scoreboard watch now. Cub and Brewers tied midway in their game. It’d be nice for the Central if the Dodgers would finally win a game today. Regardless, all the Cards can do is take care of their own biz and that’s going well today so far. It would be nice to have consistent Wacha the rest of the way. I agree the youth movement has made this season interesting even if we miss the playoffs. I appreciate the hustle, energy and passion they’re bringing.



    Shaw 2-rum homer 3-1 Brewers still batting in the 6th



    Brewers still lead 3-1, top of the 9th now. Could they sweep the Cubs? Could the Redbirds and Brewers both only be two games out after today???



    Cubs lose



    Now if we can return the favor to the Brewers next weekend……


    jager I had company. Wacha actually had a decent outing.



    I like that we control our own destiny.



    Boy, if this team hadn’t stumbled so badly early in the season with all the blown leads, this would be a pretty solid record by now.

    As is, they’re still in it with a few weeks to go. All you could realistically hope for at the beginning of the season.



    I was working. Then came home and saw it was 7-0 and watched my first NFL of the season before I took a nap.

    They really need to go 13-6 to make at least the WC. I was thinking 21-9 to close it out at the beginning of the Giants series.



    Wacha at his best and good to see MM leave him in until the 9th. With Nocasio, Lyons, Brebia, Bowman pitching fairly well, might have a chance to save some late inning games in the final run. Much different from earlier in the season. Still,it’s hard to make up April losses in Sep, but even so, cards’ fate is in their own hands. Two months ago, I didn’t think we’d be in this position, but Cubs and Brewers underperformed as well. Will be a very interesting final three weeks, with most pressure on the Cubs.



    Which St. Louis pitcher has a better record than Wacha. It would seem to me he has had several decent outings this year when healthy. Oh, wait, are you on the trade Wacha train with you bud?



    Waino is 12-5 better than Wacha 12-7 but I agree that Wacha has pitched much better than Waino.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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